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Competitions and Achievements

Stay ahead of the game by being the first to know about all our competitions and winners, including the lucky winner of our Quarterly Prize Draw by joining us on Facebook! As well all the latest news we have regular Q&A sessions which is a great way to know more if you have any specific questions about any of our special offers.

Quarterly Prize Draw

Every quarter we draw a winner from all our survey participants. The big prize is a cash prize of NZD $2,000.

Participating in surveys gives you entries into our Quarterly Prize Draw. The more entries you have the higher the chance is of winning. Check your account to see how many entries you have and how many days until the next draw is made. If you want to accumulate more Quarterly Prize Draw entries we give you the opportunity to redeem your points for more.

Celebrate your achievements

Every step of the way you can collect badges to mark your personal milestones. It’s a great way of knowing just how well you’re doing and what you’ve achieved being an OpinionWorld member.

To mark your successes we give you badges and you can see them all in one view under your achievements. They are our way of helping you to see just what a great job you’re doing! The types of achievements you can collect a badge for are ‘collectables’, ‘milestones’ and ‘highlights’. We give you a badges each time you hit a milestone of completing a certain number of surveys, collectables for marking the different types of rewards you have redeemed for and highlighting your anniversaries for being a member. When you earn badges you can post your achievements on Facebook and share your success with your friends. In addition your achievements are a fantastic way of getting extra bonus rewards as points. When you log into the site and collect your badge, the points awarded with the badge will be automatically added to your account and you’ll be one step closer to redeeming for your next reward.

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