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Gifts Shopping: In-store, On-line or a mix of both?

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On special occasions, buying gifts is probably one of the hardest tasks we always face? Either we don’t have time, we have budget issues or were simply exhausted after a hard day at work that we simply don’t have the energy to do it. Considering these facts, we conducted a mini poll asking our members how they prefer to shop for gifts and surprisingly gathered around seven hundred responses. Obviously, people still care about giving gifts, despite the odds that were previously mentioned. What’s even more interesting was the fact that 3 out of ten of those who voted would still take a trip and battle the heavy traffic congestion just to visit the mall to buy gifts. While most votes went to those who are equally divided between in-store and on-line shopping, the lowest vote goes to those who said they’d rather do it online. The question is, which is the better way to shop for gifts?

When you shop at the store, you are able to see, check and test the product before you make a purchase and have wrapped. Having this advantage provides security that you are paying for your money’s worth unlike going through the hassle of waiting and not being able to give the gift on time when you return a damaged product that you purchased online. On the other hand, shopping online gives you the convenience of doing it anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection at your most convenient time, whereas in-store shopping can be quite tiring, especially when you need to take a long trip to the mall, get caught in the middle of traffic congestion and spend money on gas. These are just a few out of various pros and cons between the two.

Luckily, online paid surveys like what we offer in OpinionWorld offers you a hand to ease your gift shopping dilemma. With paid surveys that you can conveniently take at home, not only earning extra cash to abet your shopping budget shortage are offered, physical and electronic vouchers are likewise available. Either way, paid surveys are undoubtedly worth every second of your time making sure you are able to buy and give that gift on time. In OpinionWorld, we assure you have a choice and earning from our paid surveys will guarantee lending you a helping hand whether you shop online or at the store.

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